Why I started this.

I love writing, and I’ve always loved sharing what I write, but I’ve only done it with close friends. This newsletter is an experiment to see whether I also enjoy sharing with strangers.

Why I love writing: it’s how I have the most interesting conversations with myself. Sharing what I write has led to some of the coolest exchanges I’ve had with other people.

Expect my writing to be intimate, as I hope to connect with the more vulnerable side of those who read it.

My story.

I’m Gadi. I grew up in Uruguay, lived in Israel, and through the last five years, I learned how to call San Francisco my new home.

Very early on, I discovered that I love people. I love being surrounded by people. I love getting to know them. I love helping them get to know themselves. I love seeing them fight and struggle in search of what they love.

That’s why I started an early-stage fund, and while I plan to do this for a really long time, I’d want my next chapter in life to become a therapist.


I hope to connect with strangers in interesting ways by sharing here, so please reach out if you ever feel like it.

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Trying to understand life by inspecting myself.


Gadi Borovich

I like turning knobs on tables. Investing through Antigravity Capital.